Amy Anderson


Amy Anderson

SO PROUD & EXCITED to finally share what my babes and I have been working on to help the ladies in 2017.
With 2017 almost here and knowing Christmas and NY festivities may be a little crazy there is no better time to make this ‘the year’ that you have never felt better 🙌
Join our #BodSquad2017 as we launch 3 Group Programs in the New Year to help you hit the reset button, smash your health and wellness goals, and create the body you’ve always wanted to 💪👙👊
• Increase your energy
• Strip fat
• Cleanse impurities
• Lose weight
• Gain mental clarity
• Look and feel your best
• Join a tribe of women on the same mission as you
• Be part of a community with PT's, recipe ideas and support like no other - a group for women, run by women.
If this is something that interests you, please email Amy so I can add you to our Facebook page and share more about what this entails✌. xox  xx