Amy Anderson

5 Realistic Ways to Exercise When You're a Mum

Amy Anderson
5 Realistic Ways to Exercise When You're a Mum

How do you find time to exercise when you're a mum? 

1. Utilize day care at the health club

Most gyms often include childcare for mums while they are and exercising. Book your child/children into the childcare at the gym and enjoy a workout! 

2. Exercise with your kids

If you can’t go it alone, figure out how to squeeze in some exercise – a walk, playing in the park, anything that gets you moving – with your kids. I lift my kids and use them as weights to stretch and hold and it's fun for all of us.

3. Find ways to motivate yourself

Trying to exercise when you’re busy taking care of kids and juggling work and home responsibilities requires a lot of motivation! You have to work extra hard to find creative ways to move yourself. It is so easy to want to rest when you have some free time. But I find when I really push myself, I feel better. Now that Cruz is at school, I try and go for walks most days with Jett in the pram :)

4. Try exercising before the kids get up in the morning

Some mornings I'll put my alarm on for 5.30am and head off to the 6am pilates or f45 class. I'm normally home by 6.50am which allows me time to make breakfast for myself and the kids, prepare the school/kinder lunches, get the kids dressed, shower and get to school by 8.50am. Mornings are my favourite time to exercise :) 

5. Ask for help

Another approach is to ask your spouse or significant other (if you have one) to give you an hour away from the kids to exercise. On the weekend I get my husband to mind the kids whilst I head out for a walk or pilates class. And vice versa! I mind the kids whilst my husband Joel heads to the gym after work. It works well :)



source: Pop Sugar