Amy Anderson

5 ways to stay positive no matter what!

Amy Anderson
5 ways to stay positive no matter what!


Lately I've been feeling really down. This 3rd pregnancy hasn't been easy. I spent the first 20 weeks sick, It was gross! I threw up most days, yuk yuk yuk!  Then from 20 weeks I got a pupps pregnancy rash, incontinence, pelvic floor pain, pelvic pain, very low iron, so low I had to have an iron infusion.

What about those raging hormones? I cry all the time!! Happy one minute, crying the next. 

30 weeks on and I'm not going to lie, it hasn't been easy...especially when I have two little boys to run after.

Staying happy and positive through a difficult pregnancy is solely a mental deal. The intense emotions of an expectant mother are consuming, to say the least, but positivity can be a matter of perspective, really.  Having a healthy baby is all that counts, right?

I've been finding lately that I've been really negative because of all the discomfort and pain I'm in which is not good for mind, my baby nor body!

I stumbled across this positive post that I needed to share with you all. I've been reading it every morning for the last few days and it's just put me in a great head space! I'm already feeling so much better!  

I've only got 8 weeks to go now so I'm excited to get my body back and meet our beautiful baby. 

1. Accept what you cannot change. Life is a mysterious, fragile thing and it’s so hard to know why some things happen when they do. To make it through this crazy world in one piece, we must accept what we cannot change. To find peace, we must respect what is. Accepting your current situation may be incredibly difficult but choosing not to accept it only causes angst and stress. Accepting it doesn’t mean you like it and doesn’t mean you wouldn’t give anything to change it… it only means you have a place of peace where you can recognise that some things are out of my control.

2. Be positively proactive. While there are somethings you cannot change – there are other things you do have control over. You cannot always change the situation, but there are still things you can do, actions you can take. However small, there is always something we can do to make even the most difficult situations a bit easier to bear.

 3. Share how you’re feeling. Talking about pain and sadness makes it seem more real, which can make you hesitant to do it. It sometimes seems braver to keep smiling, to act as if nothing’s wrong, but that’s actually not very positive or present. It’s just pretend. It’s okay to experience emotion and it’s so helpful to share those emotions with others. Letting it out frees you a little bit, making you feel a little bit lighter.

 4. Enjoy what you still have. Take a step back from your situation and you’ll realise things are unsettlingly the same. You could choose to lose yourself in sadness or anger – or choose to embrace what you had or still have. In choosing the later, you may even be more thankful for everything.

 5. Take care of yourself. Putting yourself on the back burner is all too common when a difficult situation starts to swallow up all of our time and emotional energy. With an onslaught of new things to worry about, think about, and do, caring for yourself can seem like an indulgence — but it’s necessary to keep yourself positive and present. No matter what else is dominating your day, don’t forget yourself.

Happy Monday

Amz x 

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